• What is Javagreen Mosaic ? Javagreen Mosaic is mosaic tile or wall cladding made from 100% bamboo. It is used for home interior decoration such as bedroom backdrop, etc.
  • Do Javagreen install product ( in Indonesia ) ? Since the installation is easy, we dont have an installation division. Please see our installation instruction for best illustration.
  • Can Javagreen Mosaic be used for outdoor appliance ? No, it cannot. Javagreen mosaic cannot stand against massive amount of water such as rain. But it is ok to be applied on washbasin or dry bathroom backdrop, etc.
  • Can Javagreen mosaic installed on any surface ? Yes, where the silicone glue can stick, our product can stick as well.
  • What are the leadtimes for production  ? In 1 month we can produce 1000m2 of mosaic tiles, for make sure, please contact us.
  • How can i get javagreen catalogue or sample ? Please contact us, and our team will sent it to you. 
  • Can customer make custom design ? Yes ! feel free to discuss with us.
  • Does Javagreen supply to international location ? Yes, since 2016 we have export to other countries !
  • What are the shipping cost ? For the shipping cost you can ask your third party ( freight forwarder ) to contact us, or ask us to search for any freight forwarder. 
  • How do i care for Javagreen Mosaic ? For daily, You can use duster to remove any dust, or use damp clothes if needed. 

Please contact us if you cannot find a question you are looking for.

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